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About Us

Hi, we’re Blake & Britt. In an industry full of toxic ingredients and few regulations, we saw a better way: a commitment to clean ingredients and total transparency.

Every LA Fresh CBD product is made fresh in Los Angeles, California using non-GMO hemp. Our potent full-spectrum CBD is flavored using only terpenes from the cannabis plant itself, and organic MCT is used as the carrier oil to ensure the cleanest CBD vaping experience possible.

SINCE 2019

Blake founded LA Fresh CBD in 2019 after experiencing the calming & healing effects of cannabidiol. While looking for a CBD vape product to enjoy, he couldn’t find any that didn’t have toxic ingredients, so he set out to change that.

At LA Fresh, our mission is to provide the cleanest CBD vape carts possible so you can enjoy the benefits of this incredible plant extract without having to compromise on your health.

We believe CBD is the understated mindfulness of cannabis, and we’re stoked to help bring more balance to the world with this amazing cannabinoid.